Made by Speyco USA too a design by John Lindeman. This reel is made for a 3/4   price Euro 450

All Speyco fly reels feature my patent pending 6 point Hexad Checking in my 4" salmon reels and a 4 point checking fly reel system on my 3 3/4" and 3" fly reels . The drag is something that will need to be felt & heard to truly appreciate. It is just an all buttery smooth mechanical purrr. The industries only multi point checking drag with up to 168 clicks per revolution to this equates to a very low smooth start up yet an incredibly stout outgoing check with the feelof a finely tuned clock more than a fly fishing reel. With the load dispersed in this way over many clickers instead of one one pawl and on one tooth the start up is almost on the ready and is 100% reliable in the worlds most harsh fishing conditions. 

With Speyco" set it and forget it" style drag possibilities are almost endless with the different drag configurations available to the angler all reels can be easily switched from left to right hand, and the drag can be adjusted to the in or out tension simply with a 1 /4" socket driver. 

*Salt Ready 
*No oil needed 
*Freeze Proof
* Smooth as butter incoming and outgoing checking drag

*The Spey reels are machined from USA MADE 6061 T6 billet aluminum.

* Fly reel spools are designed using a 1/3 arbor to ensure the ample line and backing space required for spey fishing, and are exposed on one side of frame on all models for feather palming.

* All fly reel cages are fully 4th axis machined.

* Featuring the industries only 6 point "HEXAD" click and pawl checking system.

* externally and internally adjustable drag systems  .

* fully adjustable left and right checking 

* 100% assembled for you to counter your favorite fly rod. Please see my balancing tab for correct reel weight

* Lifetime limited warranty.